This is me
when i was a kid

This is from sixth grade. My family had just returned from living in Nairobi Kenya. Being exposed to Africa at an early age was one of the defining periods of my life.

Africa was amazing...

...but growing up in the hills outside of McMinnville Oregon with a multicultural family shaped me more than I realized at the time. It taught me a lot about how people treat others who don't look like them. It taught me about the good in people and how parents who are fearful or prejudice give that to the next generation.


I graduated from Reed College in Portland Oregon. It was fun, difficult, maddening and fantastic. The best thing Reed taught me was how to learn. Science, technology, music, art - all of these things are mutable and constantly changing. Being able to adapt and learn quickly is my strongest asset.


Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was a kid my father bought a 1965 Fender Mustang from the band Quarterflash. I played it until I got blisters on my fingers!!! I am in a band called The Upsidedown and we have played and toured with The Dandy Warhols, Peter Buck from R.E.M, Jesus and Mary Chain and hundreds more. Our music has been featured on TV shows such as True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and Vampire Diaries.

Yes, that is Peter Buck from R.E.M in the background...

Brett Kron The Daandy Warhols Australia

Australia Tour

We recently toured Australia with The Dandy Warhols! We also played with the Sacred Shrines in Brisbane


Jason, Tristan, Bob and Matt are like family to me. I am blessed to be in a band more than 10 years...


...yes, it was fantastic!!! I took this picture in Brisbane


This was at the Enmore Theater in Sydney...

I have had many jobs...

...but only a few employers. I have been blessed to work with some of the most recognizable and innovative companies in the world.


This is where I currently work. I took this picture in the summer walking to a meeting on campus. I have been able to see the world many times over and work with creative, inspiring, funny and highly motivated people.

Nike WHQ, Autumn

...Nike Campus


I am fascinated by places and have fun every where I go - whether it's my home in Portland Oregon or Singapore, Sri Lanka, China or even a small town in Montana. When I travel I try to do one new thing each day - experience or do something new. I especially enjoy experiencing a culture through it's food. So far the only 2 things I simply can not understand are durian fruit and stinky tofu...

Abandoned Radio

I love strange old buildings - this is the abandoned KPRK radio building in Livingston, Montana. Missoula architect William Fox designed the building in 1946


I was minding my own business until these two wonderful people came into my life. We live in a little house in Portland Oregon.


His name is Toby One Kenobi
(or just Toby)